Movement for Chiropractic Quality and Integrity

Dedicated to Serving the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience


To advance Chiropractic in its traditional philosophic, vitalistic form. To ensure that the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation for the fullest expression of health and life remains the primary objective of the Chiropractor and that the practice of Chiropractic remains drug and surgery free. To increase the global utilization of Chiropractic.

  1. Reform of the CCE or creation of a new unified accrediting body.
  2. Reform of the NCBE, FCLB, and State Board/State practice acts to remove physical therapy and excessive medical examination requirements without specifically seeking to limit the ability of chiropractors to perform these additional services if they have the appropriate training.
  3. Increase understanding and application of Chiropractic philosophy, science and art in the field.
  4. Increase utilization through focused and defined messages to the public, chiropractors and students.
  5. Increase enrollment in Chiropractic colleges that are in alignment with our core values.
  6. Expand research in the areas of detection, analysis and correction of vertebral subluxation and the resulting changes in physiology, function and quality of life.
  7. Creation of new Chiropractic colleges throughout the World.

Vision, Mission & Purpose


Ending the 100 year old Chiropractic Civil War by promoting and working towards freedom of curriculum and practice for all factions of the profession within our basic core values of drugless and non-surgical, and with our unique vitalistic approach to life, health, healing and wellbeing.


Restoring and promoting integrity and quality in chiropractic education and practice by shifting the consciousness of the profession towards teaching, studying, researching, and promoting our unique vitalistic paradigm and unique clinical entity; the vertebral subluxation.


To expand the access and utilization of chiropractic as the largest drugless and non-surgical healing profession in the world.

Core Values

  1. Allegiance Our allegiance is to Chiropractic first and any political body, college or individual second.
  2. Chiropractic Belongs to Humanity Unlike manmade laws, principles such as those Chiropractic is based upon are timeless. Professions shift on the whims of the politically powerful and economically and personally weak. We will ensure that Chiropractic principles and practice will not be subjected to the same corruption in professionally and economically challenging times by strengthening the profession and its understanding and application of those principles in practice.
  3. Separate and Distinct Chiropractic is a separate and distinct health, healing and wellbeing profession. It acknowledges the vitalistic nature of living organisms and uniquely contributes to the health and welfare of mankind and other mammals by locating and correcting vertebral subluxations, a form of major neurological compromise.
  4. Vertebral Subluxation We acknowledge the seriousness of the vertebral subluxation, its clinical relevance and our role in restoration of normal cycles and neural integrity through the Chiropractic adjustment. We are committed to the advancement of the science and research necessary to refine our methods of proficiently addressing the vertebral subluxation and its effect on individual and global health and function.
  5. Drugless and Nonsurgical Chiropractic is a natural healing, health and wellbeing profession. Drug therapy and surgical procedures are antithetical to Chiropractic’s most basic core values of holism and a conservative, natural approach to health.
  6. “It’s Not About Me” Personal problems and desires, financial gain, and personality conflicts are temporal. The goals of MCQI are not. Internal and external personal issues are not worthy of entertainment and are to be kept out of decision and policy making.
  7. Seven Generation Attitude Foremost in our thoughts and actions is the understanding that our activities must reflect a vision well beyond this generation.
  8. Changing the Groupthink of the Profession We realize that a body cannot be forced to do anything. Similarly, the profession will only adapt when the professional body adopts similar belief systems, and acquires a knowledge base and/or systems thinking that embraces these key concepts.
  9. Excellence We are committed to excellence in our personal practices, the profession and in our educational system.
  10. Transparency The current crisis Chiropractic finds itself in is largely due to the lack of transparency in our educational and political system and the resulting manipulation of the profession by a relatively small group of individuals using personal and political influence to advance personal and professional agendas. MCQI is open to all those that embrace these core values, objectives, mission, vision and purpose. Our activities are not limited to the back room politics nor will we engage in questionable, illegal or unethical behaviors.

Organizational Structure

MCQI is a movement, not a political body or trade association. The Movement is fueled by Chiropractors, students, faculty and Chiropractic advocates. People will come and go but the movement will and must continue on if we are to see Chiropractic increase its utilization and impact throughout the world. As such, MCQI operates in a hierarchal structure with its Mission, Vision, Purpose and Core Values guiding the Movement, and committees and task forces doing the necessary work to realize the mission and vision.


MCQI is structured like a body with various levels of development from cell to organ and system to entire organism.

MCQI is structured like a body with various levels of development from cell to organ and system to entire organism. Like a body it must have adequate resources and coordinative function with all parts working together for the optimum function and survival of the organism.

The body of MCQI is made up of Human Resources, Communications and Marketing/Branding Committees. Its arms or legs include Public Relations, Education & Research, and Scope & Service divisions. Financial, legal, investigative and computer and internet technology support systems are available to each committee through the resources committees.

  A. Human Resources
    1. Purpose: Screen all volunteers. Ensure that each committee or task force is adequately staffed, actively working in line with MCQI mission and vision, and is communicating with appropriate linked committees. Coordinate with the Public Relations, Education & Research, and Scope & Service Resources committees to ensure they are fielding requests from committee chairs and providing necessary resources and communication.
  B. Communications
    1. Purpose: Develop and produce all communication themes to be distributed by the various committees.
  C. Marketing/Branding
    1. Purpose: Develop branding and marketing positioning of MCQI. Take communications from the Communication Committee and process it through a branding and marketing filter to ensure the message is congruent with the mission, vision, core values and objectives and easily digestible.
  A. Finance/Fund Development
    1. Purpose: Raise funds to support MCQI activities and build an endowment to support and promote chiropractic education, research and utilization.
  B. Legal
    1. Purpose: Provide legal advice and assistance regarding various MCQI activities.
  C. Computer and Internet Technology
    1. Purpose: Create and update websites, manage email campaigns, and advise on available internet resources to expand the reach of MCQI.
  D. Investigative/Research
    1. Purpose: Research various needs of the committees. Committees will give this group a topics to research.
  A. Registration
    1. Purpose: Register DCs, students and faculty as official members of MCQI. Work closely with other public relations committees to maximize MCQI exposure and registration. Register public chiropractic supporters, practice member/patients as official supportive members of MCQI.
  B. Seminar Relations
    1. Purpose: Develop relationships with as many seminars that are in alignment with MCQI vision, mission and core values. Garner support from the seminars and secure a display and laptop to increase awareness in the field and register seminar attendees.
  C. Philosophy Group Liaison
    1. Purpose: Develop a list of all philosophy groups and develop a relationship with them to provide information to attendees and increase registration.
  D. Practice Management Relations
    1. Purpose: Develop relations with practice management companies to provide information for their members and seek increased registration.
  E. Audio/Video
    1. Purpose: Produce audio and video informational and promotional pieces as directed by Communications Committee or pubic relations committees. All media to be sent to review of Marketing/Branding Committee for approval.
  F. Print Media
    1. Purpose: Produce print informational and promotional pieces as directed by the Communications Committee or pubic relations committees. All print media to be sent to review of Marketing/Branding Committee for approval.
  G. Social Media
    1. Purpose: Develop social media campaigns to expand awareness, increase registration and direct specific calls to action. A group of dedicated “posters” will be gathered to ensure that specific information is spread virally.
  A. Student Task Force
    1. Purpose: Raise student awareness by creating student groups on campuses throughout the world. Student groups will meet regularly, provide information to classmates, faculty, and administration and work to increase registration. Online webinars will be coordinated with Audio/Video and Computer and Internet Technology Committees.
  B. Alumni Committee
    1. Purpose: Develop alumni networks of MCQI members at each institution to 1) reach out to other alumni to increase MCQI registration and 2) lean on the institutions to come back into alignment with chiropractic principles and practice.
  C. Faculty Committee
    1. Purpose: Enroll sympathetic faculty into MCQI and spread information to other faculty. Work collectively to produce faculty papers and statements to pressure administrations to come into alignment with the chiropractic paradigm.
  D. Philosophy in the Field
    1. Purpose: Increase the knowledge and understanding of Chiropractic philosophy, science and art in the field through seminars, online platforms, and mentoring programs.
  E. Curriculum - Philosophy, Science and Technique Task Forces
    1. Purpose: Develop a vitalistic, philosophically sound, scientifically updated, professional, adjusting skill focused rigorous program for current and future chiropractic programs. Provide CE credit seminars that are congruent with chiropractic core vitalistic values.
  F. Research Development
    1. Purpose: Increase involvement in and commitment from the field towards research and assist in design and funding of research aimed at refining the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation, and exploring the resulting changes in biological and pyschosocial function and quality of life parameters.
  A. Utilization
    1. Purpose: Increase utilization of Chiropractic internationally. Work with Marketing/Branding Committee to develop a cohesive message and image to chiropractors, students and the general population. 
  B. Legislative
    1. Purpose: Monitor legislative challenges on a state-by-state basis, assist the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation in securing State Board appointments, and amend prejudicial state practice acts and licensing requirements.
  C. International
    1. Purpose: Develop international relations and presence of MCQI to bring about awareness of international issues, provide support and work synergistically to accomplish international goals. Prioritize international membership by order of ease of enrollment.
  D. Alternate Tactics Committee
    1. Purpose: Develop alternate plans and ideas to address problems and solutions from an outside the box vantage point. This committee will serve as a balancing arm to address multiple strategies and avoid potential crisis.
  E. Strategic Alliance Committee
    1. Purpose: Develop allies within the natural health, physical therapy, medical, nursing, and other health care communities as well as other sectors such as business, education and government entities.

100 Year Vision

Chiropractic serving the majority of the population in a predominantly vitalistic, vertebral subluxation centered model. Much like the dentist or optometrist, the chiropractor will be viewed as an essential provider for the health care consumer. The majority of infants will be checked soon after birth and regularly throughout their lives. The profession will be at the forefront of nervous system research and specifically regarding the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation. Chiropractic colleges will be state funded, yet retain their vitalistic philosophy. Vitalism will have made a resurgence with the assistance of a long term professionally guided program, in alliance with other proponents of vitalism, designed to develop the philosophical and scientific arguments and research in support of vitalism. The profession will be experiencing exponential growth and demand as the research continues to validate the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic in facilitating homeostasis, and in optimizing health, function and potential to individuals.

Initial Plan

The first 3 months will involve continued organization and adaptation to working cohesively as a body. Primary focus will be on communications and branding of MCQI, development of student groups, registration and fund development. Student groups on campus will fuel necessary reform and enroll new generations of DCs in support of the MCQI vision and mission. Registration is critical to assist in needed CCE reform, future educational and legislative reform efforts and long-range goals.

5 Year Goals

  • CCE Reforn
  • End drug assault
  • Reform NBCE
  • Remove PT/medical exam requirements from one state or more.
  • Increase utilization of Chiropractic in a vitalistic, VS centered model to 10%
  • Increase enrollment at vertebral subluxation focused schools.
  • Endowment fund assets at $1,000,000

10 Year Goals

  • End drug assault.
  • Remove PT/medical exam requirements from every state.
  • Increase utilization of Chiropractic in a vitalistic, VS centered model to 15%
  • Assist in formation of at least 3 new colleges.
  • Endowment fund assets at $10,000,000

25 Year Goals

  • Increase utilization of Chiropractic in a vitalistic, VS centered model to 25%
  • Assist in formation of at least 8 new colleges.
  • Endowment fund assets at $100,000,000

50 Year Goals

  • Increase utilization of Chiropractic in a vitalistic, VS centered model to 50%
  • Assist in formation of at least 10 new colleges.
  • Endowment fund assets at $1,000,000,000

CCE Reform

Reformation of the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE).

NBCE Reform

Reformation of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE).

State Reform

Reformation of State Legislation.

Internationl Issues

Addressing international issues.

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