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10 Steps Action Plan

01Assist the CCE in representing the varied interests of the profession and satisfying section 602.13 of the USDE Criteria for Recognition. 

02Equal representation on the CCE from all faction of the profession within the basic core paradigm of chiropractic and dismantling of the 'old boys' club.

03Proportionate voting rights on the CCE according to % of student population rather than by schools. ( ei. UBCC should not have the same voting % as LIFE U).

04Address the NBCE for significant reforms. No reason for students to pay thousands of dollars when other professions offer them for much less.  The ability to switch to computer testing would significantly decrease costs involved.

05Reform the NBCE topics being tested as many do NOT address competency in actual practice.  Along with the adoption of a vitalistic curriculum will come the need for a dual testing system to adequately test students from those colleges that offer this curriculum. 

06Address key reforms needed within the FCLB and individual State Boards.

07Introduce a new vitalistic curriculum with contemporary sciences that support and validate Chiropractic core principles and philosophy as an option for 'liberal' colleges. ('Liberal' means those colleges that support and embrace the new vitalistic chiropractic paradigm. 'Conservative' means those colleges that desire to join the conservative medical model and paradigm)

08Introduce new pre-requisite requirements that would attract a balance of right-left brained students into the field. Possibly have Part 1 of the NBCE exam as a pre-requisite so as to allow a more chiropractic focused education while in school.

09Confront the 'evidence based' model that is based on a mechanistic paradigm and is unscientific when applied to open complex biological systems such as a human being. Develop a new 'evidence based' model congruent with the new scientific vitalistic paradigm.

10Address insurance reimbursement within a well-being, biological healing and true health model which would save insurance companies millions of dollars.

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