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CCE Campaign

In turn, what happens in the USA at the CCE level has an impact world wide with all the other Chiropractic accrediting bodies.

  • The CCE is not representing the profession.
  • The CCE has ignored the profession and removed "drugless and nonsurgical" from its Standards.
  • The CCE Standards will allow for a select few schools to continue to push for drugs and surgery and set a precedent for the international education and practice of chiropractic.
  • The CCE has been accused of having an incestuous election process.
  • The CCE admitted to conflicts of interest surrounding the decision to pull Life University's accreditation in 2002.
  • A federal judge suspended that decision due to the conflicts of interest.
  • The CCE has been accused of dictating a politically inspired curriculum and not allowing for institutional educational autonomy.
  • The CCE's dictated curriculum is failing our students and profession.
  • The CCE needs to be reformed.
  • The CCE needs quality and integrity.
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