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MCQI Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.

Read about the information we receive from you and how it is used.

Your involvement in this movement is protected:

We will not sell, share or provide any of the information we collect about you to any third party, for any reason.


You are free to participate in the Movement for Chiropractic Quality and Integrity and whatever level you feel is right for you. Registration alone does not involve or commit you in any way. Registration only grants members access to the site, its features and the community. Any options to participate, that may be available or offered, are optional and require additional explicit action and further registration by you.
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Community Groups

Support for specific actions and petitions within the Movement are indicated by group membership within the community. You are free to join and leave any community group at your own discretion, whenever you so choose.
You can manage your group memberships here: MCQI Groups

Email Subscriptions

We provide a number of options based on your chosen level of involvement. You are free to choose which updates and mailings you receive from You are free to unsubscribe from any of our mailing lists at any time.
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