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MCQI Participates at Historic Da Vinci Group Meeting


This past week MCQI joined more than 30 organizations, groups and Chiropractic colleges that were represented at the DaVinci Group meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. This was the second meeting of this group which was formed to discuss concerns and implement action steps to reform the CCE and chiropractic education. The CCE stakeholder's meeting was also taking place at the same time. MCQI presented and participated at that meeting as well. Read the MCQI statement presented at the meeting and the report here.

The purpose of the gathering was to continue a collaborative effort to safe guard the future of Subluxation based chiropractic care, while also ensuring freedom of curriculum and scope of practice for all factions of our profession within a drugless and non-surgical chiropractic.

It has become evident, not only to the DaVinci Group, but to the profession at large, that the CCE who accredits our Chiropractic Colleges, does not care about Vitalistic Chiropractic. 

Every effort is being directed by MCQI and the DaVinci group to evolve the educational process in order that the students receive a truly professional, quality education, and more importantly that the public have available to them subluxation-based Chiropractors who are properly trained. 

It has become clear that the CCE would like to eradicate subluxation-centered chiropractic as well as any association with its vitalistic principles and tenets. Without its foundations, chiropractic has no purpose and simply duplicates the professions of other providers.

Your involvement at this juncture is critical to the success of this movement. Each day that passes brings us closer to a Chiropractic that will follow the path of Osteopathic medicine. Your help with financial support, involvement, enrollment and communication is critical at this time.

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