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MCQI Participates in CCE Stakeholders Meeting

Time Bomb

The CCE Stakeholder's meeting was mostly a sham with some hints of possibility; for the most part the CCE is just going through the motions so that it can report to the USDE/NACIQI that they went overboard to comply with violation 602.13, in spite of the fact that they asked that it be reversed and was granted by the Assistant Secretary of the USDE, Eduardo Ochoa. 

MCQI asked tough questions regarding major conflicts of interest regarding the chairman of the CCE and his involvement in the West Hartford Group. A group that is dead set on reforming chiropractic education and removing our vitalistic philosophy. Read the full story here.  Not surprisingly, the MCQI statement presented had Dr. Craig Little very concerned. He wanted MCQI to stop talking about the conflict of interest with the invitation-only West Hartford Group, but MCQI informed him we were not stopping until we read our comments in full and would then be taking questions.  

Dr. Little basically stated that he was part of many groups and that WHG was one of them. MCQI responded that we believed him to be an intelligent person and that as a member he would be well aware of the group's promoting of a viewpoint that encourages the marginalization and removal of the vitalistic, subluxation centered portion of the profession and therefore a clear conflict of interest!

The CCE's other big response was where are the stats, quantitative data, methodology, empirical evidence and rates giving evidence of our claim that chiropractors are failing in the profession in the first 5 years of practice. 

MCQI will respond with a written statement to the CCE that it is the CCE responsibility and duty to have those stats, quantitative data, methodology and empirical evidence as the organization entrusted with the quality of chiropractic education. If you are entrusted to produce safe cars, you better have data collected as to the safety of your cars.

The CCE also asked how we would know that students were happy with their school education and MCQI stated that we brought four students representing three different schools. After the meeting two CCE board members gave MCQI their cards and asked if we would send them the data once we located it. They were Ashley Cleveland from Cleveland Chiropractic college and Robert Peruoco Vice Chancelor for Academics at Palmer Davenport. MCQI will of course present any data presently available to the rest of the CCE members.

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