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MCQI October Update

overcoming obstacles

Behind the apparent silence of late, the effect of the awareness that MCQI brought to the profession from the Fall of 2011 to date is bearing fruits. The conversation is occurring amongst many field doctors in social media, amongst leaders and continues on in the largest Chiropractic FB group, the CCE Campaign page.
MCQI continues to have weekly conference calls and is working with the Da Vinci Group and especially closely with other groups as well.
Since it appears that the CCE is set on continuing with business as usual by disregarding any and all input from the field or students, MCQI made a quick and swift shift in direction. The CCE is doing exactly what they need to do to show the USDE that they communicated with the profession at large and all stakeholders. According to the Secretary's Criteria for Recognition, that is all they really need to do. In the mean time, nothing will change as they move their agenda forward. The situation is not without hope as the Da Vinci Group is comprised of over 70 organizations and gaining more support as the field becomes more aware of the current crisis.
The good news is that the MCQI's new direction will focus on positive, solution-based projects to secure, promote and advance traditional chiropractic. Future projects will be focused on the quality of our educational institutions specifically as it relates to traditional chiropractic and the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation.
MCQI will continue to stand for Chiropractic Quality and Integrity. On the horizon is the January CCE "public" meeting in Phoenix and the April NACIQI hearings in Washington, DC where the CCE will be up for re-recognition.
We still need funds to finance our participation and voice at these two events. Know that countless hours have been spent by many with no remuneration. Any financial support on your part is greatly appreciated and goes to pay for airfare, hotel, other travel expenses that grow quickly.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

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