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MCQI Update - November 6, 2012

Richard Buckminster Fuller Quote

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." - Richard Buckminster Fuller
MCQI is committed to Chiropractic Quality and Integrity. We are not going away.
MCQI continues to be an integral part of the discussion centering around the current crisis in chiropractic education and the profession in general. Between rampant disregard and marginalization occurring within the CCE to a continuing downward spiral in our colleges enrollment and financial security, MCQI has been diligent in keeping the conversation at the forefront of our professions dialogues.
Unlike our political and educational bodies, MCQI receives no membership dues or financial assistance. The progress and ability of MCQI to remain at the table to continue holding our leaders accountable depends upon the donations of doctors and students like you who have supported this Movement since the beginning. If you want to see a brighter future for Chiropractic, please donate today and consider a regular recurring donation of one adjustment per month.
MCQI Recent and Upcoming Actions: 
  • MCQI continues to work weekly with the Sustainability Committee, FVS, IFCO and the Davinci Group.
  • Doing our best to impact the CCE and in the mean time we are working actively to go around the block created by the CCE in order to promote ChiropracTIC education
  • MCQI will be in Atlanta for possible meetings with CCE members at the COCSA meeting Nov 5-7. This will be confirmed in the next few days.
  • MCQI is scheduled to meet with the Sustainability Committee in Atlanta December 6th, with the DaVinci Group in January and at the NACIQI hearings next April.
Donations are greatly appreciated to meet the expenses of these meetings and trips. Be assured that not a cent is being spent on frivolous items such as coffee, meals or alcohol. We are upholding the highest standards of integrity.  Click Here to Donate >
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