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Report on the Present Conjecture...


It appears so far that the Cartel's strategy is to stonewall and/or give the silent treatment to MCQI.

Read more: Report on the Present Conjecture...

MCQI Accomplishments-To-Date


Read about what has been accomplished so far

Read more: MCQI Accomplishments-To-Date

Professional Alert

Professional Alert!

The West Hartford Group (WHG) along with the Cartel (CCE/NBCE/FCLB/ACA) are dead set on eradicating the part of our profession that is Vertebral Subluxation based along with Chiropractic Philosophy which they perceive as metaphysical and pseudo-religious.

Here are a few excepts from a paper authored by several WHG members and promoted on the WHG website:

Read more: Professional Alert

Clarifying MCQI's perception by the Field

Is there anyone, any chiropractic organization, any reasonable person who could not endorse and support:

1- A Path to Peace to end the 100 year Chiropractic Civil War
2- Securing Freedom of Curriculum for all factions of the profession within a drugless and non-surgical chiropractic
3- Securing Freedom of Scope of Practice for all factions of the profession within a drugless and non-surgical chiropractic
4- Restoring and Promoting Chiropractic Quality and Integrity

How you can Help

Helping Hand

Can you help MCQI by changing your Email signature and adding:
"Please REGISTER at to add your VOICE to secure Peace, Freedom, Quality and Integrity in Chiropractic."

Can you Invite your new FB friends to the CCE Urgent Massive FB page so as to enroll more and more DCs, CAs and Students in the conversation?

Can you set up an additional 1/2 day of adjusting/month with all proceeds going to MCQI?

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