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MCQI Accomplishments-To-Date


Here are some of the accomplishments of the movement so far:

1- Igniting the campaign & rallying the 'troops' in the Fall '11 via social-media.

2- CCE FB page over 10,000 in 10 days joined. CCE petition over 13,000 signatures

3- One Million T-shirt & FB icon campaign

4- Testifying in Washington at Dec 14th CCE/NACIQI hearings. MCQI became the 'tipping' factor

5- MCQI.ORG  website posted

6- Visionary Vitalistic curriculum created and posted on MCQI.ORG Website

7- Registration campaign. Creation of Student MCQI.ORG Chapters

8- Organizational chart of MCQI.ORG posted. 12 committees chaired and staffed. 18 more to go

9- MCQI.ORG strategic plan. 7 Generations vision

10- Registered letter to ACC requesting data on chiropractic education

11- Participation in WCCS. MCQI.ORG presenting after CCE/ACC/NBCE

12- Invitation to meet with the NBCE by Tamara Sterling from the NBCE accepted. Date requested. MCQI.ORG concerns list sent to NBCE

13- Test first draft of a survey by Surveymonkey on Quality of Chiropractic Education with certified questions. Revision in the works prior to massive launch of Survey

14- Pre-conference meeting with ICA/IFCO/SC & MCQI.ORG in Atlanta

15- Synergistic cooperation with Sustainability Committee (SC), Federation of Vertebral Subluxation (FVS) and International Federation of Chiropractic Organization (IFCO)

16- Invitation to participate in joined survey on The Quality of Chiropractic Education sent registered mail with receipt requested to CCE/NBCE/FCLB/ACA/ACC/COCSA/ICA/IFCO/WCA/ICPA/WCSS. Win-win & loose-loose strategy.

17- SC calls and MCQI.ORG calls

18- CCE business meeting MCQI.ORG attendance January 14th in Phoenix,

19- CCE March 16th meeting. MCQI.ORG attendace in Las Vegas NV

20- ICA ‘Da Vinci' meeting May 19th in Atlanta, GA

21- Working synergistically with IFCO, FVS, SC since January '11

22- Registered letter to Eduardo Ochoa, Assistant Secretary to the USDE asking for reversal of his decision to remove CCE violation 602.13 dealing with wide acceptance of all stakeholders.

23- Preparation of letters to the USDE secretary, Arne Duncan and to President Obama regarding the decision of the Assistant Secretary of the USDE.

24- Creation of MCQI Power point presentation at the upcoming Da Vinci meeting July 12, 2012 in Phoenix, AZ

25- Preparation for the July 12, 2012 CCE stakeholders meeting in Phoenix, AZ

26- Constant daily communication with the profession, private organizations, seminars, technique and practice managements groups.

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