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Professional Alert

Professional Alert!

The West Hartford Group (WHG) along with the Cartel (CCE/NBCE/FCLB/ACA) are dead set on eradicating the part of our profession that is Vertebral Subluxation based along with Chiropractic Philosophy which they perceive as metaphysical and pseudo-religious.

Here are a few excepts from a paper authored by several WHG members and promoted on the WHG website:

“There can be no unity between the majority of non-surgical spine specialist chiropractic physicians and the minority of chiropractors who espouse metaphysical, pseudoreligious views of spinal subluxations as "silent killers". The latter minority group needs to be marginalized from the mainstream majority group, and no longer should unrealistic efforts be made toward unification of these disparate factions within the profession.”

“One of the problems that we encounter frequently in our interaction with chiropractic educational institutions is the perpetuation of dogma and unfounded claims. Examples include the concept of spinal subluxation as the cause of a variety of internal diseases and the metaphysical, pseudo-religious idea of "innate intelligence" flowing through spinal nerves, with spinal subluxations impeding this flow. ... Faculty members who hold to and teach these belief systems should be replaced by instructors who are knowledgeable in the evidence-based approach to spine care and have adequate critical thinking skills that they can pass on to students directly, as well as through teaching by example in the clinic.”

From MCQI perspective, these statements show a significant lack of understanding of chiropractic philosophy by the WHG and are in and of themselves inaccurate and misleading. Vertebral subluxation is clearly defined over and over by the Palmers as the sole INTERNAL CAUSE of DIS-EASE, not disease. It is now a fact of science that the information for the creation of the entire universe (Universal Intelligence) is not only omni present, but also locked holographically in every speck of matter, space, dimension and inter-dimension. So indeed Intelligence is present and flowing through nerves that are the main communication system of the body.

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