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It appears so far that the Cartel's strategy is to stonewall and/or give the silent treatment to MCQI.

MCQI has sent, on May 9, 2012  registered letters with receipt requested to the CCE, ACA, ACC, FCLB, NBCE, COCSA, WCA, ICA, IFCO, ICPA and WCCS asking all those organizations to participate in a joint survey on THE QUALITY OF CHIROPRACTIC EDUCATION.

Here are the responses from some organizations:

CCE: "Thank you for the invitation, we will forward it to the CCE Council for their review." No words since.

COCSA: "Thank you for the request to include COCSA in this survey.  At this time, prior to agreeing to this, we would need to review the survey."

FCLB: May 9, 2012 Lawrence O'Connor wrote: "I received your letter and I am not familiar with the organization you are referencing" Can you tell me what the MCQI is and who is running the organization?" May 14, 2012 Lawrence O'Connor wrote: " The FCLB does not affiliate with private entities. There are no states in which the chiropractic regulatory boards would require a private survey to be required for license renewal"

ACC: No response

ACA: No response

ICA: No response

NBCE: No response

WCA: No response

WCCS: "Thank you for the invitation to join MCQI. Our board of directors is meeting this week to discuss how we will be moving forward with regard to MCQI. We really appreciated your presentation and honoring us with your wisdom. You have a unique perspective that is very welcome in WCCS. I will let you know what our board decides."

IFCO: "IFCO will participate in the effort." 

ICPA:"How do we participate in the survey?" 

MCQI has sent, on May 6, 2012,  a registered letter to ACC asking for educational data. (letter attached). To date no response

MCQI has sent, on May 21, 2012, a registered letter to the NBCE asking for a meeting date between MCQi and the NBCE. This was following Tamara Sterling' s invitation at the WCCS for MCQI to meet with the NBCE.

It appears that the CCE is following their USDE consultant's advise in order to keep their agenda of driving chiropractic into medicine going. They are inviting every one to the public CCE meeting on July 12th-13th and asking for everyone's input so that the CCE can show the USDE and NACIQI in April' 13 re-recognition hearings that they are the good guys. All the while doing exactly what they want and making cosmetic changes but no real transformation.

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