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So How Committed Are You?

Many of you indicated that you were fully committed when you became a registered member of MCQI. To date MCQI has received very few donations. The majority of our funding came from hard and generous work of Dr. Martha Nessler selling MCQI t-shirts, Jay Komarek who donated the proceeds of his introduction to animal chiropractic seminar to MCQI, and the generous donations from the most active founders of MCQI, but those funds are close to being exhausted from the necessary travel to various meetings. Not a dime was spent on a latte, food or a drink.

How committed are you? Can you back up your commitment with action and donations? MCQI is doing valuable work. MCQI is keeping the conversation going and raising awareness as to the severity of the crisis. MCQI has and is taking a STAND and holding our leaders ACCOUNTABLE. MCQI is working weekly at a viable solution to secure a Vitalistic, Vertebral Subluxation Centered Education that will be untouchable by the CCE and the Cartel. A solution that is above and at a higher level than where the problem is. Is that worth something to you? How much is that worth to you?

If you are truly COMMITTED to keeping the profession Correction of Vertebral Subluxation Centered and securing such future for generations to come, make a fully tax deductible contribution today and considering becoming a monthly contributor.

We are personally asking you to donate one Adjustment per month to Chiropractic.

Like the adjustment, it is a small action that has amazing potential.


Thank you for your contribution.




Steve Tullius
Co-Founder MCQI

Arno Burnier
Co-Founder MCQI

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