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MCQI continues to be effective in generating awareness and action throughout the profession to address the crisis facing chiropractic.

The CCE is offering another "public" meeting by inviting various organizations to a forum at The Radisson Hotel Phoenix Airport on April 27, 2013 between 1:00-4:00pm. MCQI was invited and has declined the invitation. Here is why:

  • MCQI has attended numerous "Stakeholders" meetings and semi-annual meetings with the CCE and feels that it is like talking to a deaf person. The CCE is not willing to address any of the major issues raised by numerous organizations including MCQI.
  • What the CCE is doing is due diligence. Crossing the Ts and dotting the Is, at the advice of their department of education expert's recommendations. 
  • The CCE along with the Cartel has politically highjacked the profession much like the AMA highjacked the medical profession.

MCQI is taking a stand by declining the current invitation.

Read MCQI's response to the CCE's invitation:

What can be done to stop the progressive and relentless slide of chiropractic toward medicine with the inclusion of drugs and surgery? GET INVOLVED by INVITING ALL YOUR DCs and STUDENTs friends to the CONVERSATION on the CCE Urgent FB page.

This small action on YOUR PART brings the conversation about the current identity crisis and the action steps to take to more and more DCs and students. Social media involvement, petitions and calls to action have slowed down the train of the Cartel. It has contributed to stopping drugs in Colorado and New Mexico.

But that alone is not enough. Your involvement, action and support is needed.

Please DONATE the equivalent of 1 office visit to MCQI. Do it today, it will come back to you many folds. MCQI needs to build funds to participate in DaVinci meetings and to prepare for the USDE re-recognition hearings later on this year. Not a dime goes to anything else besides representing and securing chiropractic.