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The chiropractic student revolution

With the eminent CCE hearing on our heels, there is a stir in the profession. Thoughts are exchanged, information is shared, and many arguments have ensued over this debate over the CCE’s reaccreditation.

Chiropractic students are the greatest untapped resource in this debate. The doctors who have been out of school for decades are the only ones currently involved in the conversation about OUR education. And while they have more years and experience on their side, we live daily in the educational system that the CCE has dictated to our schools. The CCE affects only the students directly, yet they have yet to recognize our voiced opinions.

On multiple occasions, the students have petitioned to have their voice heard by the CCE, and have been ignored each time. The CCE continually fails to engage the students. We have asked for representation, and were denied. Six months ago, a student petition was drafted that asked for student representation at the Stakeholder meetings. Over 500 student signatures were obtained. This petition was brought before the CCE and was completely ignored.

CCE makes educational decisions for 17 Chiropractic Colleges in the US representing over 12,000 students, yet the students are not being engaged. We are the biggest constituents in this debate, and we have no representation in their decision-making—in the stakeholders meetings.

We ARE the stakeholders.
Our voices must be heard!

Many students are unhappy with the chiropractic education. We spend 4 years within the four walls of our institution and graduating with an average of $200,000 in debt. This money is spent on an education that is not equipping us to be chiropractors, but to unsuccessfully attempt to enter into this failing medical paradigm.

  • We are not taught how to run a chiropractic business
  • We spend more time on diagnosis than we do on technique

We are told by professors and field doctors that getting through chiropractic school is just a hoop to becoming the chiropractor that you want to be. But we are spending an astronomical amount of time and money on an education that is teaching us to become something that we do not want to become; to pass boards that do not reflect what we will do in our office on a daily basis; to graduate and then have to learn what chiropractic is.

And how is this working out for our profession? We are in a CRISIS. The combination of HUGE debt and minimal business guidance sets new graduates up for failure. The student loan default rates are alarmingly high, and many are failing in practice.

Something MUST change!

The CCE will be brought before the USDOE for the second time in this accreditation cycle for the number of complaints lodged against them, and the subsequent violations for which the CCE was found guilty. There will be a mass of students in DC on December 12, 2013 to see reform brought to the CCE.

Will you have your voice heard?
Will you join our revolution?


The greatest thing we can do as students is to become educated on the issues. There are several rumors floating around that are being used as scare-tactics to keep the students from acting. These rumors are completely unfounded.

Chiropractor and attorney, Dr. Christopher Kent, shed light on several of these fictitious rumors that are being spread his article for The Chronicle of Chiropractic.

CCE not representative of your views?

Read about and sign this petition:

It only take 2 minutes, and has the potential to change the face of chiropractic education through the reformation of the CCE.

The CCE does not repesent me!

The CCE continues to
ignore student requests
for representation

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