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A New Vitalistic Chiropractic Curriculum

Purpose and Objective

1. To generate new generations of vitalistic Doctors of Chiropractic that are passionate, and have a solid contemporary scientific knowledge of life and healing, and a firm foundation in communication skills in the philosophy and principles of chiropractic.

   - Doctors of Chiropractic as teachers, mentors, and coaches in an active wellbeing co-partnership with the population they serve.
   - Doctors of Chiropractic that are ‘whole’, ‘healed’ as in “physician heal thyself”, well rounded and service driven.

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Positive Outcome

UNITY with DIVERSITY not UNIFORMITY. DCs, being human, present the inherent possibility of deviating from the thin ‘red line' of the chiropractic non-allopathic paradigm. Some DCs, regardless of their education, will become pain doctors, some specializing in PI, some will be Network docs, some Structural, some Tonal, some will serve the chronically ill. Some will adjust for Wellness and Prevention, some for Re-organizational Healing, some for Spiritual Reconnection, etc. "Allowing" of commonality within a core paradigm will unite the profession and it would be of great benefit to know all this diversity exists and that it is OK, so long as we all have the chiropractic foundational philosophy, knowledge and principles and have mutual respect.


A - Acceptance and implementation of the curriculum

B - Change-over and/or training of existing faculty

C - Hiring new faculty to teach additional courses

D - Synchronization with NBCE exams

E - State by State approval and necessary FCLB changes

F - Institutional financial challenges and interest in keeping the status quo of the existing curriculum

G - Breaking new grounds in bringing forth a Vitalistic Paradigm in the current Mechanistic mindset.

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