Movement for Chiropractic Quality and Integrity

Dedicated to Serving the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience

Purpose and Objective

1. To generate new generations of vitalistic Doctors of Chiropractic that are passionate, and have a solid contemporary scientific knowledge of life and healing, and a firm foundation in communication skills in the philosophy and principles of chiropractic.

   - Doctors of Chiropractic as teachers, mentors, and coaches in an active wellbeing co-partnership with the population they serve.
   - Doctors of Chiropractic that are ‘whole’, ‘healed’ as in “physician heal thyself”, well rounded and service driven.

2. To produce Doctors of Chiropractic with outstanding understanding, knowledge and skills in the detection and analysis of vertebral subluxation as well as exceptional professional adjusting skills.

3. To offer simple, efficient, cost effective service/business practice models that allow new graduates to enter practice on their own, at a low start-up cost, right or soon after graduation with a high rate of success.

4. To inject into the field, Doctors of Chiropractic who are humanitarians.  They are passionate and successful.  Visionaries and service driven. Doctors who inspire many to become chiropractors, as was once the case, thus fueling chiropractic colleges, and fulfilling the chiropractic vision of serving humanity at large.

5. To provide a curriculum and learning experience that is honoring of the students health and wellbeing. To provide open cooperation and interpersonal communication between teachers and students in order to maximize academic success.

6. To provide an artistic learning environment in adjusting the neuro-spinal system that is honoring of each students body, neuro-spinal system and whole being as well as that of the public.

7. To allow enough breaks and vacation time to permit academic integration, regular contact with the “reality” of the world, preventing the academia ‘bubble’ effect and allowing financial self-responsibility by offering enough free time for students to work in order to finance most of their tuition/living expenses.

8. To graduate DCs with minimal debts from student loans.

9. To shorten the curriculum to a 4 year program including 3 months off per year for breaks and vacation, thus reducing student loan amount.

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