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Prospective Students

Within your awareness or not, as a prospective student, you are at a main crossroad in your life, a turning point and a critical moment of choice.

One path could be to follow the ‘prevailing wisdom of society’ with the desire to become a doctor in the traditional sense of it, by joining the medical allopathic paradigm, under the umbrella of chiropractic.

The other can be to ‘break rank’ with the current model, by stepping into a new emerging vitalistic paradigm that embraces proactive life, healing and wellbeing care in a non-therapeutic setting.

In the first one you would act and practice as a doctor seeking to treat patients symptoms, illnesses and diseases.

In the second you would become a teacher, mentor and coach in forging a new consciousness about life, health and healing as well as being a facilitator of each individual healing and wellbeing process.

It would be wise, when confronted with such a choice, to deeply investigate the track record and merit of both approaches, model and philosophy as well as looking into what would serves humanity and future generations best.

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