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Personal Growth & Development

The members of the chiropractic profession continue to suffer from the stigma placed on any group that carries a message that has yet to be fully accepted by mainstream thought. Couple that with the persecution and misinformation campaigns by the AMA during chiropractic's early years and we have a situation of doctors being exposed to various prejudices. This conversation is rarely had in any setting within the profession. We believe that in order to properly train our students to be successful chiropractors and happy, well-balanced individuals, it is necessary to prepare them for those difficult and often emotionally straining experiences.

We maintain that it is partly due to the lack of addressing this issue, that doctors of chiropractic will often seek acceptance, also know as "cultural authority" within the literature, in order to avoid this emotionally distressing experience and to "fit in" to a model that is in contradiction to our vitalistic philosophy.

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