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A- Reframing of the mechanistic, materialistic, reductionism, medical paradigm and “cultural hypnosis.”

(a) Expose of the failure of the medical model in relationship to disease and illness as well as overall health. The “business” of disease. Health record of the USA from overall health rating, maternal and infant mortality, neonatal mortality, iatrogenesis, longevity, unnecessary surgeries and procedures, overuse of drugs, antibiotics and treatments, medical errors, diagnosis accuracy rate, abuse of technology, cost of “health care”. (b) Expose of the outstanding record of medical emergency care, organ transplant, injury repair, surgical advancement. (c) The failure of preventive medicine, pervasive technologies, early detection at physiological-healing response points (d) the end of matter, the inter-phase with energy, the template of creation and the dead end of medical paradigm. (e) the unspoken true epidemic: cancer (f) Medical propaganda (g) Pharmaceutical industry and media programming (h) Politics of medicine, AMA, FDA, WHO, CDC, Medicine and the law (i) Vaccination and the history of infectious disease (j) IMF, World bank, drugs, vaccination, housing, sanitation, nutrition, hygiene and the third/fourth world nations.

B-  Chiropractic basic core tenets, principles and philosophy.

(a) The Major Premise (b) The 33 principles (c) Universal Intelligence (d) Innate Intelligence (e) Life force (f) Triune of Life (g) Cycles (h) Positive-negative survival values (i) Symptoms as the inborn language of the body (j) Healing, adaptive, cleansing, messages to change and pathological symptoms (k) Wellbeing as a dynamic equilibrium between health and illness (l) Biological healing (m) Core healing (n) Fixing, treating, curing versus healing (o) Afferent-efferent-trophic impulse (p) Natural laws of life (q) Universal laws (r) The chemistry of life (s) The normalcy of disease (t) Ease-dis-ease-disease (u) Pathological process of disease, time as primary factor (v) The normalcy of illness as a birth right (w) Subluxation (x) Adjustment (y) Ongoing wellbeing care (z) Distinction between adjustment and manipulation

C- New vitalistic chiropractic terminology and linguistic

(See addendum) Old linguistic borrowed from the medical model - New linguistic created for the chiropractic model

D- Introduction to Vitalistic practice model

(a) simple (b) efficient (d) affordable (e) low overhead (f) high profit (g) creative (h) self-expressive (i) effective (j) proven

E- Inductive-deductive reasoning

(a) From specific to general (b) From general to specific (c) Normal vs average vs individuality (d) Cultural medicine and the conflict of normals and averages (e) Embracing uniqueness


Contemporary sciences validating the philosophy and principles of chiropractic. The current merging of science and philosophy, science and spirituality, science and ancient wisdom

Quantum Physics (a) Does God play Dice (b) The science of chaos  (c) The swing of the wild pendulum (d) The Tao of physics (e) The turbulent mirrors (f) Change and complexity (g) Fractal biology, fractal mathematics (h) Psycho-neuro-immunity and beliefs (i) The belief system as a real physiological system (j) The molecules of emotions (k) Faith, belief, knowledge, wisdom


Professional level training in structural, meningeal and tonal adjusting (a) Professional exercises for chiropractic ‘sport’  (b) Daily classes in adjusting drills training. (c) Motion, tonal, muscle, meningeal and energy field palpation classes (d) connecting using ‘sensors’ (e) Reading the human being and body (f) Life story assessment (g) Balance-imbalance in the quadrants of life, level of activity, type of activity, metabolic rate, food intake, fluid intake, body integration. (h) Extra sensory perceptions, the Holographic Universe

Traditional Subluxation model. Palmer listings. Motion palpation. Spinal Bio-dynamic and visualization. 'Seeing', 'listening' with the hands. Biological "CAT and MRI" and 5 millions sensory receptors in each hand

Personal Growth & Development

Artistic classes of self-expression painting, sculpting, carving

Meditation, developing intuition

Martial arts

Public speaking


Tai chi, Qi Gong

Life coaching available to students