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A-History of Chiropractic (a) Its origin and birth (b) D.D. Palmer/founder, B.J. Palmer/developer, The Palmers (c) The Fountainhead (d) B.J. Palmer research clinic (e) Separation of medical diagnosis and chiropractic analysis (f) The Rock house in Rock Island IL (g) Neuroencephalomentotympograph, NCM, Neurocalograph (h) Largest spine collection in the world (i) A little bit of heaven (j) B.J. Palmer: philosopher, writer, inventor, researcher, world traveler, expert on cave, religious edifices, collector, lover of vaudeville and circus, radio pioneer, WHO, contemporary of and befriended the greatest minds of the time from Einstein to Henry Ford. (k)The  pionners, jail and fanaticism vs commitment (l) Wilks-case (m) The great divide (n)Politics in chiropractic (o)Chiropractic organizations ACA, ICA, IFCO, WCA, CCE, NBCE, FCLB, ACC, WCCS, etc…(o) The colleges and universities (p) Non-therapeutic models of practice and philosophy, subluxation based, subluxation centered, therapeutic based (q) Vitalism and chiropractic principles and practice.

B-The philosophy of chiropractic taught in contemporary language and validated by emerging sciences and perennial philosophies

(a) In-depth study of the underlying Universal and Innate intelligence of life. Implicate and Explicate order, Unified field, String theory, Field of potentiality, Plenum, God, The Known and the Unknown

(b) Innate intelligence in chiropractic, biology, ecology, botanic, zoology

(c) Life force and culture. Chi, Prana-Apana, Elan Vital, Life energy, Qi, etc…

(d) The Triune of Life in chiropractic and spiritual and religious traditions, psychology, physics, science, physics, etc…

(e) Study of Shamanism as the original intuitive source of knowledge and wisdom in healing.

(f) Study of traditional healers, shamans, medicine men, their Innate knowledge and communion with the natural world and plants where true knowledge of pharmacological active ingredients lies.


Study of complex, open, biological system dynamics,


Psychoneuroimmunity, neuro-cardiology

Neuro-spinal anatomy & physiology

Anatomy (a) Osteology (b) Myology (c) Syndesmology

Basic functional physiology

Pathology of bone, muscles, ligaments


Professional level training in structural, meningeal and tonal adjusting (a) Professional exercises for chiropractic ‘sport’  (b) Daily classes in adjusting drills training. (c) Motion, tonal, muscle, meningeal and energy field palpation classes (d) connecting using ‘sensors’ (e) Reading the human being (f) Life story assessment (g) Balance-imbalance in the quadrants of life, level of activity, type of activity, metabolic rate, food intake, fluid intake, body integration (h) The back as ‘the map of the past’ (i) The neuro-spinal system and core healing

Spinal anatomy, spinal biodynamic and visualization (Panjabi, Kapanji, Gillet, Illi)

Introduction and overview of various techniques. Pros-cons and myths-reality. Mechanistic-vitalistic techniques. Segmental-global techniques

Neuro-spinal palpation blindfolded.

Vertebrail, sculpting and spinal assemblage

Personal Growth & Development

Online foreign and/or sign language elective

Martial arts

Breath work

Public speaking

Life coaching available to students