Movement for Chiropractic Quality and Integrity

Dedicated to Serving the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience


A- Communication of the philosophy and principles of chiropractic in the ‘street language’ of the reality of practice.

(a) Analogies, simple parables, unarguable truths (b) 'elevator' speech

(c) Epigrams, quotes, slogans investigated for truth or non-truth

(d) The Law of Life

(e) Subluxation, sub-luxation, adjustment

(f) Philosophical and physiological rational for frequency of care. Law of time, law of healing, law of demand and supply, law of cellular replacement/tissue turn over

(g) Philosophical, physiological and economical rational for ongoing wellbeing care

(h) Philosophical, physiological and economical rational for infant, babies and children care

B- Metaphysics

(a) Holographic universe (b) Paranormal phenomena (c) Plasticity of the body (d) Genetics and multiple personalities (e) Consciousness and the human energy field (f) Becoming an 'instrument' of healing, a 'hollow bone', a 'vehicle' for healing and transformation


Neurology and chiropractic neurology





Cellular biology

The science of chiropractic as the study of the mind, the architect, the designer, the blue print of all biological, anatomical, physiological and pathological processes. Respect, trust, humility and awe

Xrays and Radiology



Upper cervical

Listings & visualization

Toggle recoil

Side posture

Knee chest

Occiput Lift sitting, prone & supine

Crane lift

Professional level training in structural, meningeal and tonal adjusting (a) Professional exercises for chiropractic ‘sport’  (b) Daily classes in adjusting drills training. (c) Motion, tonal, muscle, meningeal and energy field palpation classes

Personal Growth & Development


Kundalini Yoga

Healing hands/Reiki to protect the chiropractor

Personal vision-mission-purpose

Needs & values

Technology to dismantle needs

Coupling with a partners to expose baggage, armoring, defenses

Life coaching available to students