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Stephenson's Chiropractic Textbook (Final 1/3)

Chiropractic Philosophy by Rob Sinnott, D.C. (Final 1/3)

Green Books

Blue Books by Joe Strauss, D.C.

Devils advocate debate, dividing class in two with each side reversing roles.



Physiology of neuro-dermatology

Pathology of the skin

Parasitic and infectious disease

Biology of belief

Belief systems and physiological, immunological and healing responses

Chemistry of trust vs fear. Emotions and cellular physiology and chemistry



Study of the Emotional anatomy. Learning to 'listen' with touch by reading the body's tones. Reading the 'map' of the back and neuro-spinal system.

Adjusting students, college staff, faculty and public at the ‘Health, Life and Wellbeing Center’ under DC supervision

Pregnancy and pediatric adjusting classes

Professional level training in structural, meningeal and tonal adjusting (a) Professional exercises for chiropractic ‘sport’  (b) Daily classes in adjusting drills training. (c) Motion, tonal, muscle, meningeal and energy field palpation classes

**Elective course in Animal Chiropractic (Part 1)

Personal Growth & Development

Leadership training

Martial art

Public speaking



Business-Finance management-Tax-Investment-Abundance-Contribution

Spiritual laws of success