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Online philosophy course by Simon Senzon, D.C

Thesis on the philosophy of chiropractic

Devils advocate debate, dividing class in two halves with each side reversing roles.


The living matrix

Tone and tensegrity

Semiconductor theory

Non-synaptic communications: Chemical and electronic coupling through gap junctions, ephaptic transmissions, field effect interactions, glial cell messaging, neural rhythmic pulsations



Holographic neural theory

Biological oscillators



Learning / memory in the spinal cord-meningeal system

Study of the ‘sacredness of the neuro-spinal system’ from the yogi and other spiritual traditions

Consciousness/spiritual evolution and neurological development, refinement and unfolding


Study of the energetic anatomy. Tuning in and reading the energy field. Atonement via the energy field. Adjusting into the field.

Adjusting students, college staff, faculty and public at the ‘Health, Life and Wellbeing Center’ under DC supervision

Geriatric adjusting classes

Professional level training in structural, meningeal and tonal adjusting (a) Professional exercises for chiropractic ‘sport’  (b) Daily classes in adjusting drills training. (c) Motion, tonal, muscle, meningeal and energy field palpation classes

BGI, Network Spinal Analysis, Activator, Torque Release Technique

**Elective course in Animal Chiropractic (Part 2)

Personal Growth & Development

Interpersonal communication


Conflict resolution

Team building

Delegating skills