Movement for Chiropractic Quality and Integrity

Dedicated to Serving the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience


Complete review of the principles and philosophy of chiropractic; Slipping and checking. Filling in the holes and gaps

Philosophy, natural laws and principles and actual daily practice, communication and vision


Complete review of all anatomy, physiology and pathology with integration of philosophy and the science of Innate

Death and dying


Study of the sacred anatomy. Study of sacred geometry. The spiritual dimension of the adjustment.

Adjusting students, college staff, faculty and public at the ‘Health, Life and Wellbeing Center’ under DC supervision

Preparation for mission trip

Adjusting people with hemi and paraplegia, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, brachial and facial palsy

Review of adjusting elderly, infants, babies and pregnant women

Professional behavior, integrity and ethics

Cultural differences, adjusting language phrases

Personal Growth & Development

Yoga, meditation, heart connection, centering, grounding

Psychological marketing

Public speaking