Movement for Chiropractic Quality and Integrity

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Faculty Requirements

A - All faculty to study chiropractic philosophy and receive chiropractic care on a regular basis

B - All non DC PhDs to team-teach with a DC faculty member

C - All DC faculty to be at least in part time active practice

D - All DCs at the “Health, Life and Wellbeing” Center to have at least 5 years of active full time practice experience and still remain in part time active practice

E - Increase teacher salary to attract quality faculty

F - Bi-yearly evaluation survey from the students.  Bonus or decrease salary depending on performance as part of the hiring contract

G - Bi-yearly teachers review by a faculty committee from videos of classes given.

H - Bi-yearly teacher "training camp". 

I - Required attendance to all school assemblies by all faculty.

K - Recruiting 'retired' highly successful DCs as guest teachers for 'mini seminars'

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