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A New Paradigm, Model & Linguistic

Previous Model & Linguistic
Mechanistic Medical Model
Therapeutic, Crisis Care Model
(Borrowed from the medical world)
Vitalistic Chiropractic Model
Wellbeing, Proactive Service Model
(Created in congruency with Chiropractic Principles & Philosophy)
Doctor = Provider of DX, Treatment & Prognosis First Name/Chiropractor = Teacher of Life principles & Philosophy of Chiropractic/Facilitator of Healing process
Patient = One who has symptom, illness or disease Person, Man, Women, Child, Baby, Infant, Family = One need not to be sick to benefit from Chiropractic
Authoritarian/Patriarchal Coach/Facilitator in their process
Appointment Reservation
First Visit Day one/Interview for a synergistic match
Case History Life Story
Patient profile Vital Information
Exams Assessment
Spinal Exam Neuro-spinal assessment
Diagnosis Findings
Prognosis Potential/Possibilities
Recommendation Commitment
Re-Exam Re-assessment of commitment
Treatment/Manipulation Adjustment/Clearing
Treatment room Adjusting room/Open adjusting
Waiting Room Lounge
Lay Lecture Continuing Education Program
Chiropractic Assistant Chiropractic Advocate/ Chiropractic Manager
Chiropractic Care/Under care Chiropractic Service/Being Served
Working Serving
Work Play/Endless Vacation
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